GetThresholdCrossing: Index out of range


I’m trying to get charge collection time with Garfieldpp by inputting Silvaco TCAD output file.
When I simulated using Synopsys output file before Garfield update, it worked fine.
But after Garfield update and using Silvaco TCAD file, Index out of range error occurred at GetThresholdCrossing.
And I read the code description but I don’t know what’s wrong.
Could you help me to solve this problem?

I pasted a part of code below.
Thank you in advance, Jihye.

sensor.ComputeThresholdCrossings(thresh1, “delayed”, tnumber);
sensor.GetThresholdCrossing(0, thrtime, thresh1, risefall);
collectiontime -= thrtime;

sensor.ComputeThresholdCrossings(thresh2, "delayed", tnumber);
sensor.GetThresholdCrossing(0, thrtime, thresh2, risefall);
collectiontime += thrtime;

signalViewt.PlotSignal("delayed", "t", "", "", false);

Welcome to the ROOT forum.
I guess @hschindl can help.

Sorry for my very late reply. If you get an “index out of range” message with the code snippet you sent, it means that the signal did not cross the threshold in this event.

Thank you for your reply and time. I’ll check the signal and threshold :slight_smile:

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