Get the right range for new TH2D when obtained from Divide

I have a problem with the Divide function for TH2D.
I have two TH2D defined on the Y range from 1000 to 7000 (I cannot change this). When I Divide these two histo I obtain another TH2D which has values around 1 but it is also automatically defined from 1000 to 7000 so I don’t see anything if I try to plot the histo.
I tried to define the new histo from 0 to 2 but it does not work. Is there another way to obtain the right range for the new TH2D?

Thanks a lot,


I might be wrong, but seems to me Divide of a TH2 should divide the contain, ie: the Z axis.
The Y axis should remain unchanged…
Did I missed something ?

sorry for the inconvenience, in fact you are right.