Get the function between ion velocity and electric field

Hello ,I want to get the function between ion velocity and electric field.

According to the user guide , the gas table must be calculated first.
Then use PlotIonVelocity() in the View Medium class.
In this way, the ion velocity data is obtained.

But it takes too long to calculate the gas table. Is there any other simpler method?

thank you!

I guess @hschindl can help.

you don’t need to generate a full gas table to get the ion velocity. In fact, Magboltz calculates only the electron transport properties not the ion ones.

To load a table of ion mobilities and plot the ion velocity, you can do something like this

MediumMagboltz gas;
const std::string path = std::getenv("GARFIELD_INSTALL");
gas.LoadIonMobility(path + "/share/Garfield/Data/IonMobility_Ar+_Ar.txt");
ViewMedium view;

see also this example

ohhhh , I get it, thank you!
It’s easy!

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