Get error in Peak position in RooFit


Hello there,
I got the peak position using the following in RooFit but it is returning me an absolute value without any errors but it contains an error. Kindly tell how can i get error in that value in RooFit.

TF1 *f1 =lxg.asTF(RooArgList(t));
double xmax = f1-> GetMaximumX();

where ‘lxg’ is pdf and ‘xmax’ is peak position.

Thanks in advance.


TO get the correct uncertainty in the peak position you need to fit them with an function describing your pet (e.g. a Gaussian or a convoluted Breit Wigner) and get the uncertainty directly from the fit.



Thanks for your reply.
i have declared the lxg (pdf for laundau convulated gaussian) as a function and got the maximum from that. But is there any class defined in RooFit for calling error in the maximum i.e peak position?
Did you mean to say something else?

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