Get coefficient from RooAddPdf


I have fit a distribution with sum of few functions.
The functions are added with RooAddPdf module.

When I add functions, the arguments are integrate yield.
But what I want to call is coefficient of each function.

For example,

RooAddPdf* model = new RooAddPdf(“model”, “1S+2S+3S+Bkg”, RooArgList(*Signal1S, *Signal2S, *Signal3S, *Background), RooArgList(*nSig1S, *nSig2S, *nSig3S, *nBkg));

nSig1S, nSig2S, nSig3S, nBkg are arguments.
Maybe it is added like following

aSignal1S + bSignal2S + cSignal3S + dBackgrouund

The a, b, c, d are what I want to call.
How can I get them in this case?

Thank you,

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