German umlaut in eps

Hello, I want to use german umlauts (äüöß) in root diagramms, but every time I export the canvas to an eps-file, I get strange signs.

In the Canvas the umlauts are displayed correct, so i think it is a problem with the eps-export, maybe I have to specify a special font?

I use ROOT 5.17.04 under Windows.

some short macro which produrce the error is:

Double_t i[3]={1};
TCanvas c1 = new TCanvas(“c1”, “”,200,10,700,500);
graph01 = new TGraph(3,i,i);
graph01 -> SetTitle(“testÄtestÜ öäüß”);

output on my machine

I hope someone could tell me what i am doing wrong, thanks.


Olivier helped me a long time ago with similar subject. He need to implement some symbols in the ROOT’s Postscript table in order to make it available. See if this topic could help you. Otherwise you’ll need his assistance.

You can use TLatex for that. For instance : #ddota produces a “a” with umlaut