Generate the dictionary for this collection (vector<TLorentzVector>) in TMVA

I am using TMVA from ROOT 6.20/04 and try to read a vector of TLorentzVector.
I know that I should generate the dictionary but non of the ways I found are working
here is the part of the code I use

#ifdef __CINT__
 #pragma link C++ class std::vector<TLorentzVector>+;
  std::vector <TLorentzVector> *JETS=NULL;
  theTree->SetBranchAddress( "JETS", &JETS);

This is perfectly works when I am writing in normal Root code but inside the TMVA iI get this error

Error in <TTree::SetBranchAddress>: The class requested (vector<TLorentzVector>) for the branch "JETS" is an instance of an stl collection and does not have a compiled CollectionProxy. Please generate the dictionary for this collection (vector<TLorentzVector>) to avoid to write corrupted data.

Any help is appreciated as this is very urgent for my work.

Thank you very much for your help

I guess @moneta and/or @pcanal may help you.

You would probably need to add the dictionary library when linking your program.
But who is reading the file and calling SetBranchAddress ? The TMVA library or your macro reading the file and doing a TMVA classification or regression ?

The reading and SetBranchAddress are done based on the “TMVAClassificationApplication” which is adopted for my usage.
But how can l link the dictionary library?

Then if you are using in a macro, it should work by just calling .L TMVAClassificationApplication.C, you might need to add a + at the end to use ACLIC.
Otherwise if you use ROOT::Math::XYZTVector that is recommended, this is already in the dictionary provided by ROOT See ROOT: tutorials/math/mathcoreVectorCollection.C File Reference


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Thank you very much the .L is worked.