Geant4 axis rotation


I’m trying to adjust my geometry to Geant4 but I’m so much confused…

Though it’s explained relative simple on I can’t get through it according to my specific geometry.

I have a box aligned in x and centered on the yz-plane. What are the appropriate theta_x, phi_x, theta_y, phi_y angles?

The important expression is The meanings of the angle arguments are sometimes confusing, particularly if there is a tendency to think in terms of Euler angles. They aren’t the Euler or similar rotation angles, these are coordinate angles. Each angle pair is always measured against the Z axis of the mother volume for theta, and the X axis of the mother volume for phi. Then each daughter axis is defined by a unique theta-phi angle pair.

Thank you a lot in advance!

It seems to be a question for the Geant4 team ?

True. Didn’t know before today that Geant4 is a separate group…

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