Gaussian constraints in HistFactory


I have a model created with HistFactory with 4 different samples. I would like to apply a gaussian constraint to the normalisation of 3 of these samples. Till now I was setting them as ExternalConstraint when fitting ( in the fitTo function). Right now I am trying to use the AsymptoticCalculator to set an upper limit, but with the external gaussian constraints in it crashes. If I remove the gaussian constraints it works fine.
Is it possible to set the gaussian constraints to the normalisation parameters in an alternative way in HistFactory, in order to avoid this crash?

Thanks in advance for your help.



It should be possible to set the external constraint. Could you please attach your workspace and a simple script reproducing the crash

Thank you


Hi Lorenzo,

Thanks for your help.
I realised what the problem was while preparing the example script. The fitting was done in a function that I was calling from the main and the gaussian constraints were not imported to the workspace.

Sorry for the noise.

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