Gauss fit to output from generateAndFit in Roofit


This is my first post here, so I hope I am posting this were it belongs.
I have this macro where I generate 500 toy experiments of 7700 events each and I fit the parameters:

RooMCStudy mgr(gauss,gauss,x,"",“mhv”) ;
mgr.generateAndFit(500,7700) ;

Afterwards, I plot the distribution of the 500 fits I have performed:

RooPlot* mframe = mean.frame(Title(“Distribution of the fitted mean”),Bins(50)) ;
mgr.plotParamOn(mframe) ;

This is what I get from the lines above:

My question is, how can I make a gaussian fit to the distribution of the fitted mean?

Thank you for your help!
If I am doing something wrong about forum rules please tell me.

Best regards, Mikel.

You should be able to get a data set with the fitted parameter values (including the mean), by doing

RooDataSet * fitParData = mgr.fitParDataSet();

and then you can fit a Gaussian to the mean values of that data set

Best Regards