GARFIELD macro plots

Hi all,

I am working with the GARFIELD suite, and I have no problems with it when I type the commands individually at the command line. However, when I write a macro to perform these tasks, the plots generated are very out of scale and I am only able to see a very small portion of the plot. I cannot resize these plots either. Could anyone familiar with GARFIELD help me out? Any information on either how to generate the plots in the correct size, or how to resize or specify the size of the plots would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
Vivek Britto
University of Illinois


unless you provide a reproducer, it will be impossible to help you out.


Hi Danilo,

I have attached my PostScript output file here, along with my script. As you can see, the first frame always shows correctly, but subsequent frames are out of scale. For some commands, I can generate separate files for each frame, but for others (e.g. drift track time-graph) this would not be possible as multiple frames are automatically generated.

Thanks for your help,
dc5_garf_test.txt (1022 Bytes) (214 KB)

Hi Vivek,

this really seems a genuine Garfield issue/question. I am afraid ROOT is not much involved hereā€¦


Garfield uses HIGZ/CERNLIB to render graphics.
The ps file header is:

%%Title: (Portrait A 4)
%%Pages: (atend)
%%Creator: HIGZ Version 1.29/04
%%CreationDate: 2014/06/24   10.52

As far as I can see the plots look reasonable seems to me. I do not see anything out of scale.

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