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Garfield installation issue

i’m installing garfield and during that installation i’m having troubled during this. any one help for its installation. thanks for your time.

as you can see from the error message, cloning the git repository didn’t work because the directory ~/Desktop/garfield is not empty.

Which is true because you have an archive garfield-v2.tar.gz there, which seems to contain the source code for a different software which is also called Garfield but has nothing to do with Garfield++.

Can you make sure the directory ~/Desktop/garfield is empty and try again? Or use a different destination path in git clone?

thanks dear i’ll try. and thanks for your time too.

hschindl what to do next after the completing this git clone downloading?

You can find instructions here (“Building the project”)

or here (“Building the project from source”):

thanks dear for your instructions and time but now i’m getting this.

check if anyone can help.

the square brackets are meant to indicate optional arguments. If you are happy with the default settings you can just type:

One more thing: from what I can see in the screenshot you sent, you set the environment variable $GARFIELD_HOME to /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield, but then you cloned the repository to /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield/garfield-2 and created your build directory in /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield. I’m not sure if this is what you intended to do, but if it is, you need to modify the argument of the cmake command:

cmake /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield/garfield-2

can u tell me that what is the procedure to install garfield++. i want to install it on my laptop .kindly help me


hi i also wants to download garfield ++ for simulation.can u please guide me that how to install it the procedure that will help me
it would be a great favour for me

did you try the installation instructions on the website (links posted above)?

yes but i make the garfield-2 because of error to cloned it. and by following to paper you sent to me i make the directory build in garfield.

i’m getting this error.

yes i have and aldo install root file cmake .kindly tell me how to install it and how to properly do procedures

Ok, so you cloned the repository to the directory /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield/garfield/garfield-2. If that is what you want, please do the following:

  1. Source the thisroot.sh script. I’m assuming your root installation is located in /home/ahmer/Desktop/root. If this is not the case, please adapt the path accordingly.
    source /home/ahmer/Desktop/root/bin/thisroot.sh
  2. Set the environment variable GARFIELD_HOME to point to the directory that contains the Garfield++ source tree.
    export GARFIELD_HOME=/home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield/garfield/garfield-2
  3. Follow the usual instructions for building the project:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install
. $GARFIELD_HOME/build/setup.sh

Or maybe you’d prefer your Garfield++ source directory to be /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield (which I think is what you wanted in the first place)? Then please first clean out /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield:

rm -rf /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield/Build
rm -rf /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield/garfield
rm -rf /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield-2
rm -rf /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield-v2
rm /home/ahmer/Desktop/garfield-v2.tar.gz

Then redo the git clone step

git clone https://gitlab.cern.ch/garfield/garfieldpp.git $GARFIELD_HOME

and follow the standard installation instructions.