Forum users' involvement analysis

I’ve got an idea while reading a recent @couet post:

To me, the number of registered users is meaningless.
Anybody who wants to ask a question here, maybe a single one in the whole life, is forced to register.
Knowing another numbers would be interesting, though.

  1. Count the number of users who ever replied to a topic which was not created by themselves (i.e. non-own topics).

  2. For each of the above users, count to how many non-own topics they contributed (not the number of contributions, i.e. if they replied multiple times to some topic then this should count as 1). Then sum up these numbers of topics and count the number of users who are “responsible” for e.g. the 95% of all these contributions to non-own topics … and / or create a histogram with the number of users versus the percentage of non-own topics (e.g. with bins every 5%, so probably a logy scale will be needed as the majority of users will probably land in the first bin 0-5%).

  3. Repeat the above two steps excluding all official “ROOT developers” (but leave “ROOT contributors” in).

  4. Repeat the same only for all official “ROOT developers” (am I not too cruel?).

Points 2. to 5. could also be repeated counting the number of contributions to non-own topics, i.e. if someone replied multiple times to some (non-own) topic then each post should be counted.

It would be nice to have separate numbers for the “last week”, “last month”, “last year”, “ever since the beginning”.

Maybe you could try to add such analysis on the web page, e.g. automatically updated once a week or once a month.

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