"Force" RooFit proxy list creation in new class

Dear experts,

I have the following question.
I’m creating a new RooFit class which inherits from RooAbsReal.
Because of some external constraints, I would prefer not to have the various RooRealVar parameters of the function in the constructor, but I would like to create them “internally”.
So, I created a protected RooArgList of coefficients which is filled up when an object of this class is created (in the constructor implementation)
Now, I would like that this object has these coefficients both in the server list and the proxy list.
To make an example, this is what happens when you create a RooGaussian: mean and sigma are included in these two lists.
I managed to add each coefficient in the server list by simply doing:

this->addServer( *coeff );

If I do a Print(“v”), I see that the server list is properly filled, indeed.
Apparently, I don’t manage to do the same for the proxy list. All the methods that would allow to do that are protected. Why? How can I do that?



The problem is that you need to create the data members as RooRealProxy. By calling the RooRealProxy constructor the proxy will automatic register and be in the list. Otherwise I don’t see a way to do it differently if you want to create the parameter internally

Best Regards