Flushing file error

Dear developers,

I am running a script in which i am recreating 12 files. It will run successfully for few files, but after that it will give me flushing file error and could not recreate that file.

Kindly help me to resolve this.


disk full?
exceeding allowed disk quota (if any are set by system administrators)?

how to check disk quota.

is it
fs qu

This shows me 53% of disk quota is used

Can you post here the exact message you get ?

Yes couet. Here is the exact error posted

[nmajeed@lxplus098 ttbar]$ root -l jet3.cc
root [0]
Processing jet3.cc...
 [ 97/100] doneSysError in <TFile::Flush>: error flushing file dMergedMiniEvents_11.root (Permission denied)
SysError in <TFile::TFile>: file dMergedMiniEvents_12.root can not be opened (Permission denied)
 [ 65/100] done
 [ 98/100] doneError in <TROOT::WriteTObject>: The current directory (Rint) is not associated with a file. The object (AnaTree) has not been written.
 [100/100] doneroot [1]
root [1] .q
[nmajeed@lxplus098 ttbar]$

maybe “dMergedMiniEvents_11.root” is “read-only” (you have no permission to write to it)?

how can I check this. Because it was written at first but not now.

ls -l dMergedMiniEvents_11.root

or your AFS token expired while that program was running.

What is the AFS token? How can I re-take it?

let me google that for you :slight_smile:


that’s why I was advocating to use lxbatch in my answer to your post here:
How to connect my machine with CERN operating systems

IIRC, lxbatch will take care of all of these gritty details when writing back the results of your long running jobs.

Yeah Thanks sbinet :slight_smile:

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