Float16_t in TTreeReaderValue


I am interested in reading a TTree that contains some Float16_t branches using a TSelector, and consequently the TTreeReaderValue object:

TTreeReaderValue<Float16_t> sPi_IP_X = {fReader, "sPi_IP_X"};

When executing Process() I get the following error:

Error in <TTreeReaderValueBase::CreateProxy()>: The branch sPi_IP_X contains data of type Float16_t, which does not have a dictionary.

Is there a workaround for this problem?



ROOT Version: 6.20.04
Platform: Ubuntu 19.04
Compiler: gcc 9.2.1

I think @pcanal can help you.

Can anyone help? Is this a bug in root or am I missing something?

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Hi Roberto!

Apologies that we failed to reply - I found your post unanswered in an open, long forgotten tab… Good news: this works like a charm in ROOT’s master branch, likely also in 6.22. Can you confirm? If it doesn’t work I’d need to see the output of tree->Print(), please.

Cheers, Axel.