Flag includeWeights ignored in SPlot::SPlot and SPlot::AddSWeight

Dear Rooters,

I think there is something going wrong in the SPlot constructor and consequentially in the AddSweight method regarding the flag includeWeights.

As to my point of view the includeWeights flag is ignored. If I set the flag to kFALSE still the weights are added to the data set given to the sPlot object.

Please find a small example macro here:
RooFitIncludeWeightBug.C (3.3 KB)

Tested with version 6.16.00 and the latest Docker container, as of 2019-12-16 (46d1e0e904fa)

Am I doing some stupid mistake? Do You have any suggestions ?

I think the name is just misleading. Looking at the code, it seems that includeWeights means to include the weights of the input data in the calculation of the s weights. It will therefore only make a difference if the input dataset is weighted.

Thanks a lot for clarifying this.

No problem. I will update the documentation accordingly.

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