Fixed label and title font size

Dear Experts and All ROOTers,

I noticed that lines like
take a significant fraction of my macros. This is because whenever
I change the number of pads in my canvas I have to adjust the font
size. This is because the font size by default is proportional to the
pad size. This is somewhat counterproductive - at least for me. What
I want is a fixed font size of, say 3 mm, or, say, 10 pixels, independently
of the size of the pad. Is there an elegant way to achieve this? Or, at
least, to increase the minimum font size limit? Thank you for your help

best regards
Dariusz Miskowiec

Hi Dariusz,

You can set the font size in pixels for general use by precision 3, i.e.gStyle->SetTextFont(63); gStyle->SetTextSize(12); Cheers, Ilka

Dear Ilka,

Many thanks. It works for me but only for the horizontal axis. Any idea
how to get this behavior also for the vertical axis?

best regards

for the axis you should use:


All right, what I did was


but I should have done


Now it works. Now I have a problem with the pad margins…
Thanks a lot for your help.


I you have an other problem start a new thread with a relevant title and send a small running example showing the problem.