fixCoefNormalization warning with RooAddPdf

Dear Experts,

I encounter a warning when evaluating a RooAddPdf ("SUM::test(f[0,1]*EXPR::a('x',x),EXPR::b('1/(x+10)',x))"):

[#0] WARNING:Eval -- Evaluating RooAddPdf without a defined normalization set. This can lead to ambiguos coefficients definition and incorrect results. Use RooAddPdf::fixCoefNormalization(nset) to provide a normalization set for defining uniquely RooAddPdf coefficients!

Even after calling fixCoefNormalization() and fixAddCoefNormalization(), I still get the warning. I’ve attached a standalone example script that shows the warnings. (1.1 KB)

Do you have any suggestions as to why the normalization set does not appear to be set? Thanks very much,
Aaron, @afortman

ROOT Version: 6.24/00
RooFit v3.60

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It is an issue in 6.24, but already fixed in ROOT master. See Fix printing of warning message when calling without a normalization set but fixCoefNormalization has been called by lmoneta · Pull Request #8030 · root-project/root · GitHub
We will backport the fix also in the 6.24 branch so it will be fixed for 6.24.02

Thank you for reporting it


Hi Lorenzo,

Thanks very much for the reply. I will install a new version and check if it’s resolved.


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