"Fitting histograms" - proposing improvements


I’d like to propose some improvements for the first page of “Fitting histograms” chapter:

  1. I think it would be great to align lines like *fname, *option, *goption, xxmin, xxmax differently from what one should insert there. I mean something like

o *fname: the name of the fitted function…:
(tabs)- gaus: …
(tabs)- polN: …
(tabs)- Landau: …
o *option: the second parameter…
(tabs)- “W”: …
(tabs)- “WW”: …

and so on

tabs I mean spaces or tabs (I dont know how to insert it here - it gets cut)

  1. At the lines where you have *fname description and *option description: the font of the first letter of the description differs from the rest of the description

  2. At the lines with “0”, “+”,“B”,“LL” there are “large spaces” between the words

  3. At the line with *goption description: you have typo in “the third parameter is the graphics option tha is…”. Should be “that” I assume?

  4. Last sentence in “The Fit Method”: By default, the fitting function…
    I assume it should be aligned as the very first sentence in there “To fit the histogram programmatically…” Otherwise it is not clear what this sentence about default fit drawing has in common with xxmin and xxmax.

Thanks, I’ll check.

I have changed root.cern.ch/drupal/content/users-guide according to your remarks.

Thank you very much! Now it’s much understandable!

Still I want lines with “gaus”, “expo”,“polN”, “landau” desriptions to get aligned as “W”, “WW”,“I” are now. And at the line with *goption description: there is typo in “the third parameter is the graphics option tha is…”. Should be “that” I assume?
Also I proposed to realign last sentence “By default, the fitting function…”, but not sure about that.

I am trying … it sounds simple but it is a pain … I will investigate

Ok, done.