Fit return value out of limit range

Dear experts,

I fitted an histogram and for a parameter I asked:
myfit->SetParLimits(slope, 0., 50.);

but the return value by minuit is:
slope 9.32610e+02 nan -nan inf

Even if the fit failed, I wonder why I have 932 which is outside of [0, 50]?
Should I use an option to force to fit respect this range?


The information you give is a bit short to understand the problem.
Have you set correctly th initial values of the parameters ?
Can you provide a small macro reproducing the problem ?
Which ROOT version are you using ?
On which machine ?

Dear Couet,

thank you for your answer, my aswers are bellow:

yes by using: SetParameter()
if by any bad chance the value parse to SetParameter() have a problem like (inf, nan)
could it be the problem? I guess there may be troubles, but would minuit return a value out of range?

The code I’m using in relatively complex, so it would take to much time.

root 6.02/05



I am afraid we will need a small reproducer to help you further.

Dear Couet,

I checked my “complex” code and actually at some point I parsed a value that was out of range.
So all is ok.