Fit parameters

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I have a macro that produces a lot of histograms: I use an array of canvases to fit and draw them, and I save these canvases to file. When the canvases are drawn interactively, the fit parameters are shown in the statistics box, while they’re not when I open my file. I use the command:

Could someone help me?

I just tried to plot an histo, fit it, display the fit parameters, and save the result in a root file. When I draw the canvas saved in that file the fit parameters are displayed the same way they were before saving the canvas. Can you provide a small macro reproducing the problem ?

the macro I attached should do the same things of mine, even though mine is quite longer, so there could be other stuff that influence… Anyway, with this macro I don’t see the fit parameters in the file, but I don’t know if they are ever written, because for some reason the histo is not drawn interactively.

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prova.C (919 Bytes)

The following version of your macro works.
prova.C (419 Bytes)

Thank you for your reply, but I still have a problem: as I have to draw a lot of histos, I have to create directories in my file and save different groups of histos in different directories. How can I do it with your method?

Basically the method is the same as yours. During my tests I simplified the saving in a file by using the Print method but important trick is :
without this call the fits parameters were not saved.