Fit Panel -- problems fitting with a user function

So I am trying to use the good old Fit Panel to fit a times series data with an exponential distribution.
First of all, when I set the range using the slide bar at the bottom the limits on the graph do not show up anymore (as they used to). This was a very useful feature, and I do not understand why it was removed (or if its broken then needs to be fixed?).

But the bigger problem is the following If I select “expo” from the drop down menu it fits the data totally fine. See screenshot.

Great, right?
However if I select my own function – another exponential – the fit sets all the parameters to zero.

Yes, I can go and set the initial values close enough to the real thing, and the the fit works – however that is absurdly tedious, and essentially partially defeats the purpose of the fit!

Is there a workaround? I mean it’s 2020, it shouldn’t be so hard to do a quick fit, right? Especially for ROOT, right?


p.s. here’s the definition of the function I am using for fitting:

TF1 *f=new TF1("f","[0]*pow(2,([1]-x)/[2])",140,175)

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ROOT Version: 6.20/04
Platform: Catalina
Compiler: Not Provided

May be @moneta can help you.

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From the second screenshot, I can see that the values of all three parameters of your function are 0 … but …

@Wile_E_Coyote, I do know this - and I have been doing this for years. I just wandered whether there are some functionalities in ROOT that will help one “guess” those initial values for an arbitrary function, just as there are similar “guesses” for such built-ins as Gaus etc. Again, it’s 2020, not 1970…most other codes (matlab, numpy etc) have this.

I don’t think that “smart guessing” can be coded for arbitrary fit functions.

Looking at the form of your function, I think you should make sure that the initial values of “p0” and especially “p2” are nonzero (e.g. try to set them to 1).

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