Fit data to 1 pdf component

I am defining a roodecay like this:

_RooRealVar mE2012("#mu_{#sigma} (2012)","error media2012",0.002,0.,0.1);_
_  RooRealVar wE2012("#sigma_{#sigma} (2012)"," Error width2012",1e-4,1e-6,0.01);_
_  RooGaussModel RE2012("RE2012","Resolution2012",MlamE,mE2012,wE2012);_
_  RooRealVar dlE2012("#gamma (2012)","c#tauE2012 (cm)",1e-4,0.,1e-3);// //1e-8                                                               _
_  RooDecay SigE2012("SigE2012","decaymodel2012",MlamE,dlE2012,RE2012,RooDecay::SingleSided);_

I am using it as a pdf to model an uncertainty.
I need to make a fit of this to my mc data
but when i do :

_RooFitResult *res = sigE2012.fitTo(mydata,Extended(),Minos(kTRUE),Save(kTRUE), NumCPU);_

I get the error:

_Error: Can't call RooDecay::fitto(data2012,Minos(kTRUE),Save(kTRUE),NumCPU(4)) in current scope tiempo_kaskey_2012mc.C:217:_
_Possible candidates are..._
_(in RooDecay)_
_(in RooAbsAnaConvPdf)_
_(in RooAbsPdf)_
_(in RooAbsReal)_
_(in RooAbsArg)_

Is it because I am using only 1 function as pdf and not adding or multyplying pdf’s?
Or How can I fit this roodecay function?
I need to do this , to find some parameters and then use it to model a lifetime likelihood ( In which first i model the mass, then the lifetime, the lifetime uncertainty and then the complete model)
Thanks a lot in advanced.

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