Fit a histogram with roofit without error bars

Hello, I want to ask a question. I use RooFit to fit the histogram, and there are fitting curves and error bars. How can we get rid of the error bars and only keep the curves?%E6%97%A0%E6%A0%87%E9%A2%98In other words, how to get to the right from the left? Thank you.

Dear zhaoqin,

On the left you have two histograms (one visualized as a line, one with markers and error bars) and a curve, presumably the result of a fit to the histogram with error bars.

On the right you have only one histogram and a curve.

I guess you have to start by removing the histogram that you do not want.
Then you have to play with the plotting options: see options at RooAbsData::plotOn and the tutorial rf107_plotstyles.C .

G Ganis

Thank you for your help! I have solved the problem successfully.
data.plotOn(xframe,DrawOption(“E0”),DataError(RooAbsData::None),XErrorSize(0)); This is my code.

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