Finding a RooCurve in a RooPlot

In the following situation:

RooPlot *frame;
frame -> Print();
printf("%p", frame -> getHist("shapeSig_b1_ttbar_morph_Norm"));

the output from frame->Print() is

frame_CMS_th1x_2cacf20[CMS_th1x] = (RooCurve::shapeSig_b1_ttbar_morph_Norm[CMS_th1x])

The RooCurve is visible when frame is drawn on a canvas, matching expectations.


frame -> getHist("shapeSig_b1_ttbar_morph_Norm")

produces an error:

ERROR:InputArguments -- RooPlot::findObject(frame_CMS_th1x_2cacf20) cannot find object shapeSig_b1_ttbar_morph_Norm

or produces a nullptr

when called as

frame -> getHist("shapeSig_b1_ttbar_morph_Norm[CMS_th1x]")

How to properly address the RooCurve?

perhaps @moneta or @vcroft can help here?

Thank you,

Hi @Viesturs
when you make the plot you need to explicitly give the name

data.plotOn(frame, ROOT.RooFit.Name("data")) 

e.g. as seen here in cell 13

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