Find Relationship Between Two Graphs

Hello I have these .csv files:

I want to draw graph according to time and then I want to find relationship between two graph
Which type of graph (histogram,canvas,line graph…) should I use? How can I find relationship between these graph(lineer,nonlinear ,exponential)
I tried draw Histogram But I could not get a good result

Can you provide a small example showing what you are trying to do ?

Hmm I have not a concrete example but I am trying explain Actually these data from nasa and it is about the storms in the sun I want to these

  1. draw graphs firstly(But I could not draw graph you can see above the page my graph :frowning:
  2. and then finding minimum value in the second graph for the maximum value in the first graph or finding the exact opposite
    Finally I want to fit a function for finding reletionship for these min and max value

For point 1) you should create a TGraph with the data points you have and draw it using the Draw method. Then you can write a small C++ doing what you explain in point 2) .

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