Find closest value in a column of a TNtuple?

I have a TNtuple with 40 columns. With those 40 columns, I’d like to produce a list of triplets, each element of a triplet being contributed by a different column, and each triplet made so as to minimize the difference between the elements in the triplet. So, I’d like a list of triplets {a,b,c} where max{a,b,c} - min{a,b,c} is minimized.

Currently, I’m storing the data in a 40 (yes, 40!) C++ vectors. I’ve written a binary search algorithm which, instead of returning the index of a found element, makes a comparison of elements neighboring the “closest” element, and returns the overall closest. I store these triplets in a vector of vectors, then sort by max(a,b,c) - min(a,b,c). Finally, to ensure every triplet is unique (no two share an element), I iterate over the sorted vector of vectors, storing “used” elements in a cache and, with every iteration, checking that an element of that triplet isn’t in the cache before keeping it.

This won’t, of course, work with a TNtuple. Is there a nice “ROOT” way to do this?

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May be RDataFrame can provide some way to do that. If yes, @eguiraud can tell you I guess.

I’m afraid RDF does not have an algorithm for that, it’s a very specific usecase :smiley:

Loading your data into memory (e.g. in C++ vectors of vectors, or maybe better in a vector<Triplet> using a simple custom Triplet struct) is a perfectly valid way to proceed, unless you expect the total amount of triplets to exceed what you can store in RAM.


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