Filter from THtml to Doxygen?

Hi, my group has a framework that we’d like to try documenting using Doxygen. There are a lot of comments written for THtml in the older code, which would be nice to recover with minimal effort. Is there a filter that was used by the ROOT developers to make this switch?


What do you mean by that ? the Html specific comments are Begin/End_Macro/html … some inline formulae…
The ROOT doc is in the process to be converted. A lot has to be done by end to avoid mistakes automatic converters always do because there is many coding style for comments. We also took the opportunity to revisit the doc and restructure it. Begin/End_Macro has been implemented using a doxygen filter.

I personally haven’t used THtml before, so I’m not too familiar with the possible syntax, but it looks like my group used the default Configuration Variables, like the ones listed here:

Also, our comments describing classes and functions all start with the standard ‘//’, which of course, would be read by Doxygen if they were replaced by ‘///’. (Though if there’s no existing filter, I hope I can figure out that much myself.) That’s basically the extent of our legacy documentation. We certainly don’t need a perfect filter for it.

Of course, please don’t put any effort into this if nothing exists already. We have a version already without comments. I was just wondering if there would be a relatively easy way (for us) to use any of the ROOT team’s work to extract a little more information.

Yes replacing // by /// can be done automatically . We did that on ROOT, but then doing the manual check I discover three was mistakes. You can have a look for example at:

$ROOTSYS/hist/histpainter/src/THispainter.cxx (and the related .h in inc).

This will show you the kind of Doxygen keywords you might need.

Also the doxygen machinery for ROOT is in $ROOTSYS/documentation/doxygen
Typing “make” in that folder generates the whole ROOT reference guide.

The file filter.cxx implemented the automatic generation of picture from the examples.

In that same directory you will also find the Doxyfile file which define all the Doxygen parameters.

Okay, I’ll give that a try! Thanks for your time.