Filling a 2D histogram

I am trying to draw a 2D histogram. so for beginning I am filling it with the following command


but I am getting the error as

error: call to member function 'Fill' is ambiguous
/home/aqsa/Downloads/root_6.14/root-6.14.06_build/include/TH2.h:70:21: note: candidate function
   virtual Int_t    Fill(Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t w);
/home/aqsa/Downloads/root_6.14/root-6.14.06_build/include/TH2.h:72:21: note: candidate function
   virtual Int_t    Fill(const char *namex, Double_t y, Double_t w);

I read in the chapter 5 of histograms that one can fill it as h->(x,y,w) where w represents the weight. I am not able to understand why my code isn’t taking the fill command.

Later I am planning to fill it by using a text file which is like a 100*100 matrix. I am assuming the matrix content will be my weight values and the number of rows and columns will be filled as x and y.

Please help I am attaching my macro

histogram.c (467 Bytes)

ROOT: 6.14
Platform: CentOS

h->Fill(0., 1., 1.);

histogram.c (455 Bytes)