Fill style 3001-3007 doesn't display w/ gv


I’m overlaying a few histograms on one pad. I find that the best looking figure is produced when I use the 3001-3007 fill styles. The problem is, that although the figure looks great in the root session, when I view it with ‘gv’ the histograms appear unfilled (‘hollow’). The .gif output looks ok, and I find that if I print the the .eps file the histograms DO appear filled. So, the problem is not horribly serious. However, these days many people like to look at papers in electronic format and I’ve had a few complaints.

I suspect ‘gv’ is at fault. Is this a known inconsistency between root and gv? If the problem is with gv, is there a workaround or do people know that the problem goes away after some version of gv?

I should mention: I find that GNU ghostscript 6.52 DOES properly display the figure.

I use ROOT 4.00.04 on a redhat 7.3 machine, with gv-3.5.8-18. I’ve included a test macro, it’s output .eps figure and my logon file.
fill_test2.eps.gz (4.01 KB)
myrootlogon.C (3.66 KB)
fill_test.C (404 Bytes)

See the answer to your question here: