FFT output x axis

Dear colleagues,

For example, if my histogram has N bins from x_min to x_max, so the width of one bin is equal to N / (x_max - x_min). The output histogram after FFT is same size N, but what about x_limits? As I understand, it should be from -1 / [N / (x_max - x_min)] to 1 / [N / (x_max - x_min)], right?


Hi @nazar_sokour; perhaps @couet can help here.


It is the inverse: (x_max - x_min)/N

@moneta will know better.

Oh, yes, of course: bin’s width is W = (x_max - x_min) / N. I mean, I guessed that x limits is from (-1 / W) to (1 / W). Thanks.
Hope, someone helps.

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