FFT-based benchmark variables lib to test ADC performances

Dear all,
I want to test the analog performances of an ADC board whose (digital) output is in the form of UDP packets. The output data is acquired on a PC in the form of binary files, which I then decode and turn into ROOT files. In order to test the analog performances, I must compute some standard benchmark variables based on FFT: Effective Number Of Bits (ENOB), SIgnal-to-Noise And Distortion ratio (SINAD) and so on. I found, installed and used the FFT ROOT library but I didn’t find any FFT-based library computing these variables. Does anyone know if they are already present in ROOT, or did someone write such a code in the past, which I might reuse? If not, I will write it myself and then make it public.
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We don’t have code in ROOT computing these benchmark variables. We have just some basic functionality provided in the TVirtualFFT interface, see

You can use then this interface to compute your variables. If you think is of general use, it is a good idea to post your code in a public place to make it available

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