Facing an error while running

I am getting some kind of error
Please help me in resolving this error.
Now, I am getting another error while running my overall code.

error: no member named 'FindFixBin' in 'TGraph'
  std::cout << g->Integral(g->FindFixBin(410.), g->FindFixBin(422.)) << std::endl;

ROOT Version: 6.14
Platform: ubuntu


You are calling a method FindFixBin in TGraph but the class does not define that method. Can you double check that this is the method you want to invoke?

hi @etejedor
Thanks for responding.
Actually initially i was calculating the areas under the peak in histogram.
So, i was taking … bin to … bin
but now i switch from histogram to graph.
So, how should i proceed for calculating the area under the peaks.