Extracting RooRealVar values of a fitted RooGenericPdf

Hi RooFit users

I am extremely new to using Root but I have read up on quite a bit of documentation trying to find an answer to my question.

I am using RooGenericPdf to define a simple trigonometric distribution which I am sampling as the signal pdf.
I have put in a Gaussian background pdf just to try my hand at using it.
Then using the example documents for reference, I have used RooAddPdf to combine the two distributions and used RooArgList with number of signal and background event arguements.
Data is created with the ToyMC based on this summed pdf and I then want to fit the original RooGenericPdf to the data results and show the results on a graph.

Whilst this seems to work, I do not seem to be able to extract the RooRealVar values (3 of them) on which the original RooGenericPdf depended upon. I defined them A, B and C and using A.Print(); seems to give the original value of A which I used to define the signal pdf, but what I am interested in is how this value has varied since the data was created from a sum distribution rather than just the signal distribution.

Is there a command I can use to get out the new values used in the fitted distribution as the ones I have found for defined distributions, like gauss or argus, do not seem to work.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance in this matter.

Many thanks,