ExternalConstraint means?

Dear ROOT Users,
I have some questions about the RooFit::fitTo() parameters when I want to impose GaussianConstraint in the fit.
Here is the code:

    RooGaussian meanconst("meanconst","",*gaumean,RooFit::RooConst(0),RooConst(0)) ;
    RooGaussian sigmaconst("sigmaconst","",*gausigma,RooFit::RooConst(gausigma_val),RooConst(gausigma_err)) ;
    RooArgSet constset(meanconst, sigmaconst);
    allpdf->fitTo(*ds2, RooFit::Save(), RooFit::Extended(), RooFit::Minos(1), RooFit::ExternalConstraints(constset));

I have no idea about ExternalConstraints in the fitTo method, can someone explain the code? :rofl:
Best regards.

Welcome to the ROOT Forum! Maybe @moneta or @jonas can help you

I have no idea about the Gaussian Constraint, Thanks for your pingping :rofl:

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