Extended option removed from fitTo and createNLL?

The Extended option is seemingly no-longer available for RooAbsPdf::fitTo and RooAbsPdf::createNLL as of v6.30, judging by its absence from the class reference. I don’t see this change documented in the release notes, however, and I am still able to pass it as an option to fitTo.

I guess this has just been removed from the documentation since it can be inferred from the PDF and should always be True for PDFs that can be extended and False for those that can’t?

Hi Michael,

This is a very good question. That method underwent a major refactoring between the 6.28 and 6.30 release cycles.
I would prefer that @jonas comments about this matter, if you agree.


Thanks for reporting this! Of course the option is not gone. It makes sense to toggle the extended terms also for pdfs that are extended, e.g. for cross checks.

The documentation got somehow lost in the refactoring. Sorry! I opened a PR to add it back:


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