Exponent in the plot axis

I am using scientific notation by TAXis::SetMaxDigits(N)
but when i do multiple plots without border or gap, says Divide(1,3,0,0), this exponent will get blocked.
Any method to access this guy and probably I can use SetNDC to move this guy around ?

note: I am using version 6.26

   TGaxis::SetExponentOffset(-0.01, 0.01, "y"); // X and Y offset for Y axis
   TGaxis::SetExponentOffset(-0.05, 0.01, "x"); // Y and Y offset for X axis

but it’s a TAxis object when I do TGraphErrors::GetYaxis()
how to access the TGaxis objects from such graphs or histograms ?

These are “static member functions”, so try to call them as shown. In python: ROOT.TGaxis.Set...(...)

ok, got it.
so it’s something ‘global’ in python, so it should be a line like ROOT.TGaxis()