Exploring the codebase

Hello I am new to open source and also to Root. I have installed Root using binaries using Ubuntu and have also forked and cloned the root repository from Github.
So I was confused on how should I proceed next

  • Read about the primer , manual and other Root documentation and get acquainted with the Root codebase (after completing the documentation) then go for contribution


  • Directly pick an issue on github and start exploring on how to solve those issues.

Also, I need help regarding the default value for relative accuracy for numerical integration in Ambiguous default parameter in TF2::Integral documentation · Issue #13005 · root-project/root · GitHub

Thank You!

For this GitHub issue , I’ll let @couet take care of it. And I would also suggest to get familiar with ROOT itself and at least try following the primer. And feel free to contribute! :slight_smile:

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Okay, I’ll follow the primer and get familiar with Root .Thank you very much!

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and also the manual: ROOT Manual - ROOT
I commented the issue.

Okay, I will also refer the manual. Thanks :smiley:

PR here: [skip-ci] fix doc. comment about eps was wrong. by couet · Pull Request #13012 · root-project/root · GitHub (and applied)

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