Errors with hist2workspace


I am having trouble running hist2workspace. I do the following:

source /afs/
source /afs/


And then I run the example produced:

hist2workspace config/example.xml

However, I get several errors such as:

[#0] WARNING:ObjectHandling – RooWorkspace::autoImportClass(channel1) WARNING Cannot access code of class RooRealVar because header file include/RooRealVar.h is not found in current directory nor in $ROOTSYS. To fix this problem add the required directory to the search path using RooWorkspace::addClassDeclDir(const char* dir)
[#0] WARNING:ObjectHandling – RooWorkspace::import(channel1) WARNING: problems import class code of object RooRealVar::Lumi, reading of workspace will require external definition of class

I can’t figure out how to fix this and am a little confused why the example produced doesn’t work out of the box?



This is a known problem and it has been fixed in the trunk and in the 5.30 patched version. However, I think the warning can just be ignored, the program should work correctly anyway