Errors on TTree Draw user guide?


It seems the user guide on TTree draw has some errors. … -ttreedraw

  1. In section: “ Explanations:” and item 31. tree->Draw(“fTracks.fPoints[][] - fTracks.fVertex[][]”):

I think the code below:

fTracks[2].fPoints[0] - fTracks[1].fVertex[0]

fTracks[2].fPoints[1] - fTracks[1].fVertex[1]

// with fTracks[2].fNpoint==2

should be

fTracks[2].fPoints[0] - fTracks[2].fVertex[0]

fTracks[2].fPoints[1] - fTracks[2].fVertex[1]

// with fTracks[2].fNpoint==2

  1. Also in section “ Explanations:” and item 33 and 34. I think the selection in 33 and 34 doesn’t mean what is written:
    “The first command draws fPx for the range between 0.4 and -0.4”


Thanks for your input.
It is now fixed in the master.
It will show up on the web tomorrow.