Error with parameters of a function


I’m trying to create a model with 13 parameters to fit a histogram.
I have found this strage error: this model has 13 parameters (you can check the definition of the function in fit.h) However when I try to set the 13 parameters in macro function.cpp I have the following error:

Processing function.cpp...
In file included from input_line_8:1:
/home/commodo98/programmi/Exercises/root/fit/function.cpp:10:5: error: no matching member function for call to 'SetParameters'
/home/commodo98/root/builddir/include/TF1.h:649:21: note: candidate function not viable: requires at most 11 arguments, but 13 were provided
   virtual void     SetParameters(Double_t p0, Double_t p1, Double_t p2 = 0, Double_t p3 = 0, Double_t p4 = 0,
/home/commodo98/root/builddir/include/TF1.h:644:21: note: candidate function not viable: requires single argument 'params', but 13 arguments were provided
   virtual void     SetParameters(const Double_t *params)

Do you have an idea of this strange behaviour?

**Something that is really strange, is that if I define the function with only 11 parameters, without changing the definition is fit.h, the program is working, something unreasonable.

code.cpp (392 Bytes)
fit.h (1022 Bytes)

Double_t params[13] = {16.39, 14.01, 5286, 0.15, 0.18, 2038, 1.29e4, 15.28, 2.48e4, 5050, 1.0e-6, 1, 1};
f->SetParameters(params); // note: length of "params" >= number of function parameters

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