Error while migrating from root 5 to root 6

While migrating my code from root 5 to root 6 i am getting an error on TContainer which it was not giving on root5 and the code was running perfectly on root5. Please help anyone how to debug this error.
Attached is the error shown.

Cling (the ROOT 6 C++ interpreter) is real C++. You may get errors which were ignored by CINT (the ROOT 5 C++ interpreter). In this particular case it seems your code creates twice the same object.

Hi @Sabya,
welcome to the ROOT forum. Besides what @couet mentioned, from the stacktrace it seems that your code calls AliAnalysisDataContainer::GetType with an null entry argument, which might be problematic. The crash happens in that function, at line 233 of file AliAnalysisDataContainer, which is indirectly called from your application (you can follow the chain of call through the stacktrace).

I hope this helps!

Thanks to both of you but i searched the code but could not find the error. It would be very helpful if you kindly have a look over this attached macro where only the DataContainer class is called and point out the error.

AddTaskKStarpPbRunII_ROOT6.C (15.5 KB)

Hi @Sabya,
unfortunately I cannot run your code as I am missing the required dependencies.

The full stacktrace printed at the point of crash should indicate the offending line precisely. You can also inspect what’s going on using gdb, e.g. with gdb --args root.exe (note the usage of root.exe rather than root to execute the macro). Alternatively, you can ask for help from the developers of the specific analysis framework you are using (AliRoot), which is where the crash happens.

I’m sorry we cannot be of more help – unfortunately the crash is dependent on AliRoot/your code rather than ROOT itself.


thanks the problem is solved