Error specifying Range in RooFit


When using fitTo like this

I get the error

when trying to compile via “.L xx.cxx+”.
I have tried to #include all .h’s I could think to be relevant, and that I could see in the tutorial macros using arguments to fitTo. (Maybe I have missed the corect one, obviously - which one would that be?)

What do I miss?

I tip you have another place in your source code where you have “PrintEvelError” instead of “PrintEvalErrors”.

Sorry - the “e” was from when I entered the error in this post. I should of course have copy-pasted … But thanks for pointing it out :smiley: (I edited the question now)

Even if you correct “e”, there’s still the “s” missing in the end.

You are right, of course. Again, these spelling mistakes are only here, where I copied the error message by hand, not in the actual code. I’m sorry.

Then try: w.pdf("model")->fitTo(data, RooFit::PrintEvalErrors(-1));

Thanks a lot!

Apparently I messed up putting using RooFit in a central place. Doh.