Error Propagation in TF1 class

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I have a function y = f(x,a,b) with a and b being free parameters whose uncertainties are da and db, respectively. Does ROOT provide any function or method to calculate the uncertainty of y, namely dy?

I add some texts below to clarify my question.

Manually, dy can be calculated using the error propagation formula (the one right below the “Simplification” headline) ( However it requires the derivative of f as a function of a and b.

For instance, assume that y = a*x + b;

The derivative of f as a function of a = x;

The derivative of f as a function of b = 1;

So, dy = sqrt((x^2da^2 + 1^2db^2)).

In this case, things seem very simple.


What if the function f is much more complicated? The derivative of f as a function of its parameters would have a very complicated form. Normally, I use the Monte Carlo method as follows.

I select random values of a and b within the range [a-da : a+da] and [b-db:b+db], respectively, then I calculate f and store it as y1.

Then I repeat N-1 times to get y2, y3, …, yN.

Finally, I calculate standard deviation of {yi} with i=1,N and consider it as dy.

This procedure is, however, slow!!!

SO my question is: Does ROOT provide a function or method that help me to solve the problem without doing calculus on the derivative or writing Monte Carlo code myself?

Thank you.

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I guess @moneta can help you.

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The TF1 class provides the derivative with respect to the parameter with the function TF1::GradientPar

Often the parameter uncertainties are correlated, so you need to provide as well a covariance matrix of the parameters. If the uncertainty are coming from a previous fit, you can retrieve the covariance matrix from the fit result

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