Error: no member named 'read' and 'append' in 'RooDataHist'?

Dear Experts,
I was doing toy study and generated one toy with 2.4 Million signal as input.
I tried to fit it with RooDataSet and it is taking very long time. That is why I decided to switch to RooDataHist.

But I have started getting following error:

error: no member named ‘read’ in ‘RooDataHist’
error: no member named ‘append’ in ‘RooDataHist’

Could anyone let me know the replacement of these syntax in RooDataHist ? I have attached the macros also that I am using to fit the toy.
fit_toydata.C (12.7 KB)

Thanks in Advance.



If your input data are unbinned you cannot use the RooDataHist as before. You need to bin your data by creating an histogram from the RooDataSet, using RooDataSet::createHIstogram and then from the histogram you can create the RooDataHist for fitting.


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