Error : Invalid parameter specified for finding interval limits (While calculating Upper Limit)

I’m currently doing calculating Upper Limit using RooStats.

what I want to do is calculating Upper Limit based on the below formula

and I wrote my code for calculating Upper Limit.

the code is attached below
UL_code.txt (2.9 KB)

And the result is like this…

I don’t know what is the problem exactly…
Any help would be appreciated!

Many thanks


I think the issue is a badly definition of the model. Some of the parameters/functions are defined externally of the workspace and not imported there. I would suggest to import all the pdf and parameters in the workspace and then after that create the ModelConfig and call the RooStats calculators. Also if you provide the ModelConfig, you don’t need to call again plc.SetParameters(nsig). I would remove that line.


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