Error installing ROOT 6.22.06 on MacOS 10.15.7

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_ROOT Version: 6.22.06
_Platform: MacOS 10.15.7
_Compiler: Xcode 15.2 (g++)

Hi all,
I tried to install the new version of ROOT (I have already the 6.20 installed).
I made the cmake but when I do:
$ cmake --build . --target install
I get the error present in the screen:

Can someone help me to solve that problem?
Thank you so much,


all you need to do is:

Clone the repo

$ git clone

Make a directory for building

$ mkdir build
$ cd build

Run cmake and make

$ cmake ../root
$ make -j8

Setup and run ROOT

$ source bin/
$ root

It works for me on MacOS

I need to add that cmake fails and ask me to run it again with the option:
After that the cmake seems correct.
Thank you

Thank you but clearly it did not work.

May be @oshadura has an idea.

@MassimilianoAntonell do you have a second installation/binaries of ROOT installed in /usr/local?

@oshadura Thanks for your reply.
No I haven’t.

Then I don’t understand why do you have /usr/local/include/TCanvas.h and other ROOT headers already in /usr/local/? They are creating a conflict…

@oshadura uhm you are right! I don’t know exactly why… probably it was some old bad installation.
Do you have some suggestion how to remove all the conflict files?
Thank you so much

Ok, I restarted from a old Time Machine backup and now I was able to install the new version 6.23.
Thank you

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