ERROR::InputArguments data type ULong64_t not supported

To experts,

I am getting this error when filling a RooDataSet from a TTree. From previous posts it looks like support for other data types (such as Int and Bool) have been added - will this be the case for ULong64?

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@moneta @Vince @StephanH Can you comment?

Hi, it doesn’t seem too unreasonable a request, I think even a small user PR could address it but personally at least I don’t have plans to address it in the near future.

Could you track down the changes for the bool and int support types? Maybe that would give a better idea what would need to be done for Ulong64_t

Hello Marta,

it should be possible. Internally, math is done with double precision, which means that we can expect a loss of precision for very large long64 values.

Would that pose problems for your application?
Is converting to already supported types an option?

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