Error in using the file name as arguments for the general script

I have a general script named Mytasks.C, I want to allow the other users to use it so I need to make the file name as an argument to run that script.
I used inside the script this line gRoot->ProcessLine(".x Mytasks.C(\ "string"runID\", 12") );

to run it by Linux I wrote: .x Mytasks.C("AB123456")....// so AB123456 is the file name.
But I have an error that can not open the file.


How is the Mytasks function defined (in the Mytasks.C file)?

Yes, it is I can run it using .x Mytasks.C

I asked “how” which means that I want to see the Mytasks function prototype.

Sorry, I don’t know !!

Actually, it is a script with many lines of previous codes compiling with a local library

It seems the double quotes are not matching in that expression…

I guess you mean “run it at the ROOT prompt”… (not “by Linux”)…

Can you copy/paste here what you typed and which error you get back ? (a real copy/paste please).

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